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Sites I’ve came across recently: (Sage + Bedrock) (Sage) (Sage + Bedrock) (Sage) (Roots 7 + Bedrock)


@benword Where did you find plymouthartweekender?
Gulp… not sure if it should be used as an example for how to use sage…

Here is a few other sites I have made on sage over the last year.

I was digging around the other day and was pleased to find out uses Sage.


Just out of curiosity: How are you able to determine if a site is using Sage or Bedrock? I tried to look through my DevTools and nothing stood out as a clear indicator.

You can tell if a theme is Sage based on the markup and the paths to CSS/JS assets. You can tell if a site is using Bedrock by /app/ vs /wp-content/.

Well to play devils advocate, although maybe not the greatest design ever conceived…

Does load in 700ms if you ping it from Amsterdam, Netherlands

So it probably ranks pretty well in search engines, from what I have been seeing lately Google is ranking sites WAY more based on load time, mobile optimization, time on page, and bounce rate than content, I mean their crawlers don’t see the epic lime green background like we do. (Sage)

Spreadsheet of sites we’ve found:

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@benword that’s insane!