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Stage Switcher Plugin not working


I installed the stage switcher plugin - which worked fine so far.

I’m working with normal full roots stack (bedrock, trellis, sage). All three envs are deployed and working fine.

The plugin is activated on production and development, but I don’t get the link/display in the wordpress admin bar where I can switch.

From the installation instructions on github I understand, that if using bedrock, I don’t have to do anything in order to meet the requirements. Is that right? Or where should I put the ENVIRONMENTS-code?

What else could I be doing wrong?


Just in case anybody else has this problem:

Even if using bedrock, you still have to define ENVIRONMENTS. I did this in site/config/application.php

Don’t be confused by the note about PHP7 in the github repo/installation instructions … it means if you have PHP7+ you can do it like this:

$envs = [
  'development' => '',
  'staging'     => '',
  'production'  => ''
define('ENVIRONMENTS', $envs);

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