Staging Server with Digital Ocean

Right now I am using bedrock-ansible to work on development locally. It’s a lovely, easy to use thing, and I love how easy it’s made it to hack some code, run a grunt dev and see the results pretty instantly. I went ahead and signed up for Digital Ocean so I could have a place to easily work in a staging mode for clients. I provisioned a droplet with Ubuntu 14.04 and the LEMP stack. Now I’m stuck with how best to proceed going forward. What would be the easiest and most straightforward way to be able to push the work I’m doing in the local b-a dev environment and get it up and running on the staging site? I’ve tried checking a few threads on here, but a lot of them are older and I don’t think they entirely match what I’m doing, or I’m just not understanding. Some guidance would be very helpful. Ideally, I’d like to keep with the bedrock model so when it comes time to go to production, it should be a smooth move from a to b.

Bedrock comes with Capistrano set up, so that’s always an option. It’s a little heavy as it’s a full deploy system with automated rollbacks of your site.

A few of us use Laravel Forge which basically provisions a DO droplet, sets up projects, and also sets up auto deployment when pushing to a Git repository on Github or Bitbucket.

Other than that, the manual approach is setting up a new vhost in Nginx for your project, then uploading the files.