Static Home page combined with latest 5 posts

In my attempt to strictly apply preferred Root methods, I followed this thread to duplicate page/template and create a new front-page.php in the root and a content-front-page.php in templates/. Now I’m stuck — how do inform Root to use that newly created page/template for the home page?

(If it’s any help. I currently have a static Page set [“Home”] and working: In the Wordpress Admin, I have Settings > Reading > Front page displays set to: A static page (select below) and have a static Page “Home” selected. I thought that new template I created above would show up in the “Home” > Page Attributes > Template drop down but no luck.)

front-page.php is a special template within WordPress. It should automatically be applied to the front page of the site (blog or static page).

Have you tried making any changes? You could also use my toolbar plugin to confirm the templates being used.