Static page sections

preface: I am new to wordpress and

How do you handle the creation and management of different ‘sections’ within a static page? (e.g. the home page)

Hey avieisenberger,

Chris published a really good post on the Roots blog yesterday for those new to WordPress and/or Roots. I’d recommend giving it a read and, as discussed in the post, hacking apart a standard WordPress theme like TwentyTwelve or TwentyFourteen before giving Roots a go.

I didn’t make it so I’m guessing but the Roots homepage will be a mix of content. For example the blog section will use WordPress to fetch the 4 most recent posts and display them in the format the template tells it to. The introductory text however will probably just be hard-coded html code as this doesn’t change very often.

If you work your way through a theme or two that aren’t Roots you should be quite comfortable with this before you’ve even got to using Roots yet.

I can’t give you a huge list of sites to check (hopefully others will join in) but css-tricks by Chris Coyier is a great resource for WordPress.

I had a really big problem with static pages when I first started, but as you learn how to deal with templates and started using Advanced Custom Fields. It makes translating pages and content much easier. Start by copying the content of template custom and work your way from there!