Steps to use Livewire with Acorn 4.0


since roots/acorn:4.0 we have official support forlivewire/livewire (Enhanced Router Compatibility (Including Livewire Support) And Filters For Early Service Container Overrides by broskees · Pull Request #291 · roots/acorn · GitHub).

I tried to follow the mentioned steps in the related PR and found some needed changes (for me). But unfortunately, although it first seems to work, I ran into an issue related to the session / nonce / CSRF.

Currently the @livewireScripts or the ESM version @livewireScriptConfig won’t set a CSRF token, which will break on events like wire:click or wire:submit.

Has anyone a hint, why the csrf_token() will return null? Am I missing something?


… I tried to debug this and am quite not sure if I miss something fundamental.
It seems that the session will not be persistent between different requests. Secondly, at every point in code, the function csrf_token() will return null.

However, at the moment, I’m applying the following workaround to ensure that the Livewire components function properly:

In the layout file, I add:

<meta name="csrf-token" content="{{ Str::random(40) }}">

This will provide the Livewire JS code the required token.

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