Still recommend using Sage 9 in a new project?

Hi, folks. I’m starting a new project and hoping for a recommendation on whether to stick with composer default of Sage 9.0.10 or if Sage 10 Beta makes more sense.

We have been using Sage since version 8, but intermittently so don’t have a whole ton of experience with 9 either.


Sage 10 is extremely close to being finished. The Roots team is no longer making updates to Sage 9. I would not recommend starting a new project with Sage 9.


Thank you much, man. That decides it.

@alwaysblank is it safe to assume that final release will not differ much from current state at dev-master? I have a 9-based theme right now, but it is super basic, so migration will not be a problem – and I’d go with your recommendation to use version 10. Thank you.

It shouldn’t, no. Any changes should be minor, and likely confined to external packages, i.e. Acorn. The only major change that I’m aware of that’s still waiting to land is switching out mix for bud: Replace Laravel Mix with Bud by kellymears · Pull Request #2643 · roots/sage · GitHub That’s build-tooling though, so depending on your needs it may not matter.

Until we’ve officially tagged a release, though, it is technically still in development. Generally dev-master works (I’ve built several production sites on in-progress versions of Sage 10) so you can always build a site off it, but things can still change. Then again, we’ve moved a lot of Sage into dependent packages, which in theory makes future updates easier.



I have just finished a project with v10 and the only major issue is that the Appearance/Widgets wont load the Guttenberg widgets with the latest version of Wordpress as the scripts are being bundled with mix. I don’t believe they are going to resolve this issue as laravel mix is being replaced which is a real annoyance but apart from that everything else is great.

To get dynamic sidebars working you will need to remove theme support for Guttenberg widgets-block-editor and revert to Classic or remove some of the enqueued scripts in the setup.php file

This should be a quick fix on your theme if you pick from one of the solutions in vendor.js doesn't exist, breaking wp-admin/widgets in wordpress 5.8 · Issue #2774 · roots/sage · GitHub

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Thanks. After playing with version 10 I don’t think it’s ready yet… and for a less experienced person like me it’s only frustrating. Documentation isn’t covering it all, Bud extensions still have bugs, and out of the box it won’t even compile the CSS changes made in the theme. I’m going back to version 9…

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I’ve had good success working with dev-master for a project. Generally, I’ve found that most things that are not covered by the Sage docs have been covered by the Laravel docs. Overall, I’ve found Sage to be quite reliable once a person gets it setup. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having trouble with it, though!

Okay, perhaps my complaint is not related specifically to Sage (as the basic stuff works for me), but the Bud – after installing fresh from dev-master, none of the changes in CSS files are compiled to the /public directory after running yarn build… and imho this should work out of the box, and it doesn’t (or the documentation is out of date).

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Obligatory Sage 9.x update branch reference for devs that still need Sage 9.x:

I do seem to recall there being a similar issue on my end regarding the CSS build failing… but I can’t remember what. Next time you try to get started on a sage 10 project from the dev-master branch let me know what errors you encounter. I’d be happy to try and help.

@district18 thanks! To be precise, the build isn’t failing really – it’s simply not compiling (or should I say combining) the changes made in CSS files, the resulting public/app.css is always the same. Recently there was a change of stylesheet extension, and it seems that something was not tested.

Use Sage 10.0.0-beta.1 if master is not working as expected for you

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