Still relevant ? >> Theme Development with Sage Book, 2018

Im trying to get up to speed on Roots/Sage as quickly as possible as the last version I used was v6.3! – you lot have been busy!

I’ve been considering the ebook –– forgive me if this sounds cheeky, but the notice that there’s no ETA for an update to version 10 is making me pause: the book was released in 2018, and v10 is now over a year old. I’m wondering what major shifts were made between 9 and 10? Is the book a good investment, or are there more current resources?

I bought it a while ago and I’d say it is still relevant, especially if you are coming from v6.3 and even more so if you are not familiar with blade templates. It is also a nice way to support the creator(s) of Sage. Obviously a quite a few things have changed since the third edition of the book. I must say I found Sage 9/10 much harder to learn than Sage < 8, so be prepared to figure out quite a bit by yourself by browsing the forums and the documentation.

@cim, thanks for the feedback. I do like to support the devs and am a GitHub sponsor – I’m just wary of being misdirected by old docs and need to be mindful of my time allocation.

Perhaps a question for the core team @ben @swalkinshaw @Log1x

Is there a summary of significant changes highlighting the differences between v9 and v10 to be aware of when starting up a new v10 project?

I’ve not found one in the docs. Short of a complete rewrite of the book, this would be super valuable (to me, at least).

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Thanks @ben - purchased the book this morning –– Blade section is very helpful so far.

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