Strange Mac Terminal behaviour when re-naming sage theme folder

Hi all,

Not sure if this is an issue with Roots, Sage, Git or Terminal but i’ve only come across the problem using roots and Sage theme so far.

Anyway, the issue is that when I try and re-name the Sage theme folder to a certain name, it sends my Terminal crazy and adds in huge spaces between letters. I’ve Googled this to death and cannot find even anything related so thought i’d try here. Here is the scenario:

Project folder name = creativecuckoo
Cloned Bedrock, Sage theme, etc etc all fine, ran Gulp build etc also all fine.

When I then re-name the Sage theme folder to “creativecuckoo” or “creativecuckoo-theme” or even just “cuckoo”, when I “cd” into that folder the Terminal goes weird and adds in the spaces as mentioned above and makes it impossible to use as you cannot see what you’re writing.

If i change the theme folder name back to sage or to my-theme, or theme-1 or something else it works fine so I presume it’s a naming issue which is affecting the Terminal display. Was hoping someone else had come across the same problem and fixed it.


Have you tried using a terminal replacement such as iTerm2?

Just tried iterm and problem still persists. I know at some point I added some sort of configuration file to add colours to terminal and also add in the working directory info for Git (so its shows when you’re in Master or Branch, etc) so it could be a conflict with that, but as I said i’ve only noticed the problem when using Sage.

I’m actually still using the old roots theme on a couple of projects (on going) and use the same naming conventions and have no issues with Terminal so really not sure what the issue is.

Don’t think there’s any way that this is Sage related. It’s possible something went wrong when you updated your Bash config. I use and love it.

Thanks for the help and you were right, not Sage related at all.

Some sort of conflict with git-aware-prompt which i added to my bash config so I could see current working branch etc. Now i’ve removed the config file the odd behaviour stops.

Will try oh-my-zsh as suggested.

Thanks again