Stuck with <meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow">

Hi, we have developed a site with bedrock, and when came the time to deploy online, we had issues installing the environment on the server (it’s hosted on GoDaddy, a client requirement…) so we had to make an “image” of the site using the All-in-One WP Migration plugin. The image was then imported on a clean install of WP on the hosting environment (no bedrock).

The problem is that the WP_ENV was set to development when the migration was initiated, and now we are stuck with a tag in the head tag, no matter what settings we try to change : the blog_public option, etc.

Does anyone know if bedrock adds or modifies specific files that would result in the output of the noindex tag? I noticed that the mu-plugin folder, which contains the disallow-indexing.php file was copied in the wp-content folder on the live hosting.

Thanks in advance!

Have you disabled all of your plugins to see if that has any effect and to confirm that this is related to either Sage or Bedrock remnants?

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Hi cfx,

Yes, I have tried disabling the WP plugins one by one and verifying the output each time, but to no avail.

Delete wp-content/mu-plugins/disallow-indexing.php. In the absence of .env information it defaults to disallowing indexing. Since you aren’t using Bedrock, it’s safest to remove it entirely.


Thanks a ton, MWDelaney, that did it!

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