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Studio Panic with Roots combo

Wanted to post this for a while now so here it goes :slight_smile: is the link to my “studio page”.

Love the structure and mindset and how clean everything is. Thanks Roots! :champagne:

Used Trellis, Bedrock & Sage with just these plugins:

  • Advanced Custom Fields PRO
  • Advanced Custom Fields: Reusable Field Group Field
  • Amazon Web Services
  • WP Offload S3 Lite
  • Imagify
  • Soil
  • WP Rocket

Dev plugins

  • Query Monitor

Trellis cache settings is on.

The site is at 40% done the way i wanted it (content, design and other changes will come) but will probably work on it in free time etc. as i’d like to work more on payed work rather then free :slight_smile: so can’t really take too much time for this. Will probably update the thread with some major changes in the future.

Some interesting things:

Things to do or next improvement:

  • Mobile and readability improvements for example green text on the hero image etc.
  • Try out ajax loading/transitions etc. Any tips on doing this?
  • Switch out WP rocket (or not) as the backend seems to load in 0.11s with it on and it puts assets to cdn (js.css, etc.). Idea is to swap it out with WP Offload PRO so the assets can also go to the S3/CloudFront CDN. Also figure the multiple cache server and plugin where both of them probably aren’t needed.
  • Remove Reusable fields plugin in favour of
  • BourbonNeat over Bootstrap or keep Bootstrap and clean out the unneeded parts.
  • Try out Nginx settings for leverage browser caching and learn more Ansible.
  • Migrate to AWS and play with Redis cache on a separate server (helps learning Ansible).
  • try integrating stylelint with gulp/

I’m also looking for some freelance work as a multidisciplinary designer (projects in my spare time as i’m currently full time employed). Skills and stuff can be found at profile. :wink:

Cheers :slight_smile: