Submodules weirdness

I have a basic trellis/bedrock project I’m trying to deploy to a server.

The bedrock project has two submodules that are custom plugins.

After I deploy to the test server, the plugin directories in /srv/www/site/current/web/app/plugins/custom-plugin are empty.

However, they aren’t empty in the /srv/www/site/shared/source/web/app/plugins/custom-plugin

I can get this to work by modifying roles/deploy/defaults/main.yml in the trellis project and adding new items to the project_shared_children - but that seems wrong.

Is there something I’m missing?

Are you talking about git submodules? If so, that’s not the right way to be doing things. Use Composer — you’re already using Bedrock.

Don’t want to use composer, these plugins are in active development.

Please explain how that would affect you using Composer.