Suggestion/advice how handle repositories (trellis & bedrock)

I am looking for an advice from you experts.
I worked on a new project with sage 9, bedrock and trellis.

unfortunately when I started to work on this, I created a repository just for the theme folder on bitbucket.
now I am ready to push the website on a staging environment, and I noticed that I need to create a repository for the whole package (site and Trellis)

I am thinking that I can create a new repository that contains the site and trellis folders (that I can use just for the deploy scope) and continuing to use the previous repository just to manage the theme updates/changes.

but I am not sure if this is a good solution or there is better way to handle this.

is there a better way/workaround to handle this?

do you have any suggestion/advice for me?


Do you need to maintain your commit history on the theme repo? If not, you could create a new repo for Trellis/Bedrock (following the Roots Example Project) and just copy and paste your theme files (without the .git directory) into place there.

thanks for the answer @MWDelaney.
ideally I would like to keep the commit history of the theme repo, do you have any suggestion?
how I could achieve this?


Convert your existing repository into a “full” repo containing Trellis and Bedrock. This retains your commit history. Unless there’s some reason have to have a repo containing just your theme, this seems like the best approach.

I did pretty much the same thing. Original post here: Best practice for combining two repos into new Trellis+Bedrock Repo

thanks to all.
at the end I created a new repository for Trellis/Bedrock and I kept the old repository (just like reference) with all the old commits that I did for the theme.