Supporting Roots

Hi All,

I noticed the contributions to Roots via Open Collective haven’t picked up a lot of steam yet.

So, to encourage more of the community to support Roots financially, I’ll match 100% of your contributions, up to $500, through the end of this year.

I REALLY appreciate all the time the Roots Team continues to put into Sage/Bedrock/Trellis development, documentation, plugins, and support here on Discourse.

And I’m sure you do too! Hopefully we can make total contributions align more closely with the value Roots provides us.

Please contribute at:


Thank you Mike! @swalkinshaw and I will also match $500 each :slight_smile:

We just setup OpenCollective the other week and heard that we’re fully approved at this point. As I mentioned in the newsletter recently, we’re hoping to use funds on OpenCollective for things like:

  • Development + documentation
  • Marketing, t-shirts, stickers
  • If someone is giving a Roots talk at a meetup/conf, they can buy stickers and expense us for it
  • Sending someone from the team to a conference

The Roots Community Slack is growing and it’s exciting to interact with others from the community outside of the forums :green_heart:

To receive an invite you’ll need to become a supporter at $7/mo on one of the projects, or a backer at $2/mo on all 3 projects


Does OpenCollective not support PayPal or is that an option you’ve got turned off?

That’s my walking around money I’d throw at this…

Doesn’t look like OpenCollective supports it

I had no idea you had this up and running… great. Have just signed up. Thanks for everything.


Thank you @raffjones!

There’s a couple people who have donated that I haven’t been able to reach. OpenCollective doesn’t provide us with email addresses, so if you haven’t yet received an invitation to the Roots Community Slack then please email us at, or send us a tweet @rootswp :slight_smile:

This is great! I just signed up to support all 3 projects @ $2/month - I’m in between gigs now, but once I land something and can pay the bills, I’ll definitely be increasing my support!


Hi! I would love to contribute, but correct me if I’m wrong : due the fact that it is based on donations, I cannot use my professional company account for that AFAIK (Belgian taxation system is the worst). Taxwise, it is more interesting for my company to pay a subscription from which I can have an invoice made to my company that can be filed as an expense, than giving donations.
Is that possible in the opencollective system ? I asked my accountant to be sure and he basically confirmed this, but said that if the receipt does not mention it is a donation, then he could file these expenses as part of the company’s charges. I’m sorry if this seems like hair cutting… And not very “opensource supportive”. Just trying to do the right thing the right way.

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You should be able to treat it as a subscription and not a donation/I don’t think the word donation is used anywhere

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Thanks for the reminder. Subscribed.

except on Roots’ own Twitter :slight_smile:
not sure if this is checked by tax offices though…

That’s something new that’s coming automatically from OpenCollective, who is also responsible for processing all of the funds and are a 501c6 non-profit

If anyone has any legal questions regarding OpenCollective, they can be reached at or on their Slack