Switch to Sass Bootstrap as the default

I’m proposing that we switch to Bootstrap Sass / start using Sass as the default preprocessor.

Here’s some comments from mdo via Designer News:

Popularity is a big one for me. The former seems pretty clear to me—Sass is more widely known and used. Plus, there’s more of a community (or communities) around it with all the Sass conferences and meetups. Less, not so much it seems.

Both are so similar for the most used features that I honestly don’t see too much of a debate. It’s more about build tools, processes, and dependencies I think—e.g., asset pipeline, Ruby vs C, etc.

and more:



Really glad to see this. LibSass was also updated today, bringing it near parity with Ruby Sass.


The main question I have is, what more will I need on my machine to run this? Will I have everything needed by just doing npm install as before, or will I also need to install Ruby on my machine? I do suppose it will be nice to get in a bunch of other libraries and such that are using SASS.

See my third point in the OP.

Our gulpfile and asset-builder already handle Sass, so nothing needs to change from a gulp or npm standpoint.

Absolutely thumbs up, we almost always end up switching to SASS unless it’s a very slim project. To me, less Mixins are a bit of a pain in the — to deal with :smile:

I concur with this. It just makes sense in the longer term.