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Sync Script - Local (MAMP) setup


I’m trying to set up the sync script but I’m having trouble with the settings for a local Bedrock project I’ve got running on MAMP. Am I right in thinking this script can be made to work in a MAMP setup? Not just for sites you have running in a VM / Trellis?

I think the main problem I’m having is some confusion about where the development alias should be pointed seeing as this is a site just on my local machine in MAMP, I’ve tried to set the development alias to ssh into mamp and access the files that way but it doesn’t seem to work.

# site/wp-cli.yml
path: web/wp
  docroot: web

  ssh: user@localhost/Documents/Dev/www/website
  ssh: [user]@[staging_ip]/public_html/website
  ssh: [user]@[prod_ip]/public_html/website

Here’s what I get when I try to test the @development alias.

Rob-Kirbys-iMac:scripts robkirby$ wp @development
bash: line 0: cd: /Documents/Dev/www/website: No such file or directory
bash: wp: command not found

wp-cli is installed on my machine so I’m not sure what’s going on here, has anyone else attempted to get this script working with a site running on MAMP or similar?

Hey there - thank you for purchasing the sync script!

You need to have WP-CLI installed locally, then you can use the script with the --local flag as noted in the README — it should work with any non-VM setup that has WP-CLI installed

Please shoot me an email ( if you run into further issues

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