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Sync Script

I have a problem with the “Sync Script” script I bought it doesn’t synchronize any data between my development and production I’m in a learning phase but I think I’ve tried everything.

Here is the error that appears in the terminal I installed WP-CLI on my host server.

➜ scripts git:(master) ✗ ./ development production

:arrows_counterclockwise: Would you really like to :warning: reset the production database (
and sync up :arrow_up: from development (http://my-domain.test)? [y/N] y

:white_check_mark: Able to connect to development
:white_check_mark: Able to connect to production

./ line 94: wp: command not found
building file list …
8 files to consider

sent 238 bytes received 20 bytes 103.20 bytes/sec
total size is 506656 speedup is 1963.78

:arrows_counterclockwise: Sync from development to production complete.

Wp-cli is well installed and the ssh connections are working.