'synchronize': can't be called from trap context (ThreadError)


I’ve run into a bit of a problem when running vagrant reload --provision. When I get to the:

TASK [wordpress-install : Install Dependencies with Composer] ******************

the process halts. I control-C out of it and I get:

/opt/vagrant/embedded/gems/2.2.1/gems/concurrent-ruby-1.1.3/lib/concurrent/collection/map/mri_map_backend.rb:18:in `synchronize’: can’t be called from trap context (ThreadError)

Google searching hasn’t turned up much other than some Ruby errors unrelated to Roots. Anyone have a clue as to what’s causing the error?

I’m just updating this with my solution. I saved my group_vars/development files, deleted the VM and the trellis folder, re-cloned the trellis repo and copied my group_vars/development files into the new trellis directory. Used vagrant up to build a new VM and it’s working now.

Okay, so I ran into the same problem when adding a second site. What I was doing incorrectly was copying and pasting the bedrock folder instead of installing new sites properly with:

composer create-project roots/bedrock

Installing this way allowed the vagrant reload --provision process to complete. I’m a bit of a dinosaur, using Roots is me adapting to the future, just not very gracefully :wink:

Hope this helps someone.