Tag Template -- Bootstrap's .tag Class Getting Applied to Body Tag


I’m trying Sage for the first time ever.

I’m learning. And things were progressing OK until I added a template file [ tag.php ] for showing tag archive of custom post type ( recipes ).

What’s happening is that based on the template name, a class name is getting appended into the HTML body tag.

And Bootstrap’s .tag rules (from bower_components/bootstrap/scss/_tags.scss) are getting applied to the HTML body which results in this.

Other pages look as they should.

Am I supposed to override .tag’s each rule manually?

What is the solution?

Maybe you could use the body_class filter to remove/change the tag-class on the body?


Thanks! It worked :slight_smile:
This helped.

I ran into the same problem. Am great at CSS but mostly copy, paste and slightly edit PHP. I already added some functions into lib/extras.php so I am assuming that’s a good place to add this but not sure of the syntax. Can you share your code?