Tailwind 2 sage 9.0.10


is there anyone who has tailwind 2 working in sage? I did follow this tutorial: How to Setup Tailwind CSS in Sage | Roots but no result. I don’t get any errors/warnings during yarn start/ yarn build. but the tailwind classes are not recognized…

I do but admittedly I used the ‘select framework step’ composer create-project roots/sage {project}. It seems to setup Tailwind a little differently to that tutorial.

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ok, and after the setup it worked out of the box?

It did in my case yes.

For Sage 9.x there is an update branch which could help with build issues:

What would you recommend your branch or sage 10?

Well, Sage 10 is the new Sage and from what I read should be production-ready. It got Laravel-mix for Webpack configuration, acorn, Gutenberg and ACF extensions. So when you are starting new with Sage anyway, then I would say Sage 10 is a good choice.