Taking over existing Sage project (Missing info?)

Hey friends,

I’ve been tasked take over an existing Sage theme to make some customizations, but I may have hit a small wall. The theme appears to be Sage8 since it was built in 2016. Luckily I have the assets folder intact, but the root folder has no composer.json, bower.json or package.json file.

When bringing the theme to a development server and running the composer install and yarn commands, the frontend of the site just returns a white page of death, with no fatal errors (nothing in the logs as well)

Any ideas on how I can get this running? I don’t have access to the previous agency, or GitHub repo

Is there still a CHANGELOG.md?

As a starting point, the Sage releases from 2016:

Sage 8.x: https://github.com/roots/sage/tree/8.5.0
Sage 9.x (was still alpha in 2016): https://github.com/roots/sage/releases/tag/9.0.0-alpha.4

You can then try to use the composer.json; composer.lock; package.json; yarn.lock and other “glue” files (Gulp was used in 8.x; webpack in 9.x) for your own theme.

Negative on the changelog.md unfortunately.

Those GitHub links look like a great place to start! I’m going to try that in a few minutes and report back

Thanks a ton!

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