Telltale sign of Sage Theme?

Hello everyone! First time here and completely new to Sage – ready for an adventure.

Are there any telltale signs that an existing theme was built from Sage? I’m updating an existing theme and its quite unlike any other WP theme I’ve come across. There are several features I’ve found in the docs that correspond to the theme but not enough for me to declare the theme was built from Sage. Thank you.

Could you give us some information about the hallmarks you found that make you think Sage was used?

It depends on the version used but I would imagine the most obvious sign is the mention of the text 'sage' throughout the code. For example, it is used as the text domain for translations and also for some namespaces and function names.

Have you tried searching through all the code for the word sage, both with and without single/double quotes or spaces around it?

It works and looks awesome :smile: