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Sage 10 + sage-woocommerce

Not sure if is Sage related or general question. I have a custom taxonomy “artist” and a custom taxonomy template:


Despite template hierarchy, all artist URLs are rendered with:


Why? Is Woocomerce overriding the default hierarchy or something like that?

Query monitor tell me that template is OK:

Template Hierarchy

  1. resources/views/taxonomy-artist-bigote-sucio.blade.php
  2. resources/views/taxonomy-artist-bigote-sucio.php
  3. resources/views/taxonomy-artist-bigote-sucio.css
  4. resources/views/taxonomy-artist-bigote-sucio.html
  5. resources/views/taxonomy-artist.blade.php <-------------- I’m using this
  6. resources/views/taxonomy-artist.php
  7. resources/views/taxonomy-artist.css
  8. resources/views/taxonomy-artist.html
  9. resources/views/taxonomy.blade.php
  10. resources/views/taxonomy.php
  11. resources/views/taxonomy.css
  12. resources/views/taxonomy.html
  13. resources/views/archive.blade.php
  14. resources/views/archive.php
  15. resources/views/archive.css
  16. resources/views/archive.html
  17. resources/views/index.blade.php
  18. resources/views/index.php
  19. resources/views/index.css
  20. resources/views/index.html

The reason is that WooCommerce itself uses a different template path scheme than core WordPress, see

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