Template images not moved to /dist on gulp

I’m not fully understanding how Gulp decides when to copy an image to /dist/images
It seems to work great for CSS.
But I have a few tags in my templates and not every image gets copied. For example, my header has;
Product by Company

The company logo gets copied to /dist/images on gulp but not product logo.

Hmm. Now I’m having an issue with CSS too.

	background-image: url(../images/twitter.png);
	background-image: url(../images/facebook.png);

Both images are in /assets/images/ I ran gulp and then saved the CSS while Gulp Watch was running but only the facebook image is copied to /dist/images.

The short answer is stop ‘gulp watch’ if it is running and run ‘gulp’, this will clean out the existing /dist/ and rebuild the /dist/ so you are ready to run ‘gulp watch’ again.

The long answer is that I was having the same problem where my images where not not transferring to the /dist/

My solution was in the terminal with-in the theme directory run the following.

‘gulp clean’ - This cleaned out the existing /dist/
‘gulp build’ - This rebuilds the files in the /dist/ without cleaning up.

and then

‘gulp watch’ - To get up and running again.

Once it was up and running again with ‘gulp watch’ I found that it transferred the images to /dist/ with no problem.

I found these commands in the gulpfile.js and you might also find it helpful. It is also here I found I could have done the short answer.