Templates in theme's root not visible on staging

Since yesterday, I can’t seem to see and changes I pushed and deployed to staging/production.
Deployed files contain php templates as well as css, none of which is bein applied.

When I run ansible-playbook with -v, I get no userful info.

Are there any other deploy logs that I can check or some output that I should be looking extra carefully at.

The deploy itself runs without errors? Did you switch branches by any chance?

Hm, my bad. Seems that the changes are being deployed.
This turns out to be a different kind of error.

I’m using this plugin, which requires templates to be overriden in the theme’s root as plain php files (not blade).

In development, I can see the changes, however on staging, they don’t seem to be work.

I also tried increasing file permissions, copying them to /resources/ and /resources/views.

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