Templating engine in Sage


I thought I’d share my thought with you guys. I’ve been working with Bedrock and Sage for a while, and I must say that it took developing with WordPress to a new level. Praise is definitely due to the projects’ contributors.

However, the thing that I feel is missing from Sage’s core is a templating engine that WordPress has been infamously lacking. I’m developing my projects with Timber - essentially, “Twig for Wordpress”. It’s easy ti implement Timber with any project, you can even add it at certain point in project development giving you a lot of freedom and flexibility.

Working with Bedrock-Ansible, Bedrock and Sage + Timber made developing with WordPress feel really good.

I feel that support for a templating engine in Sage could be incorporated by default.

Have you ever thought about it?

Sure, we’ve talked about it. There was a fairly long conversation about it over a year ago