Test site not working after a crash

My computer froze during a call yesterday with vagrant being active. I had to force restart my computer because of that and after, my local env stopped working. Visiting site.test doesn’t return any response and times out.

Since then I tried:

  • looking through error logs in /var/log/
  • disabling nfs
  • restarting my computer
  • reprovisioning
  • destroying and rebuilding the droplet

The troubles I am running into:

  • Sometimes vagrant up is running into
  • systemctl status mysql shows active but gives me this Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)

And ideas how to further debug this?

Managed to solve the problem by changing the user and installing vagrant there.

Answers that were useful during this process:

I’m assuming something went wrong with a dependency or a service, so changing to a different user seemed like a good thing to try.