The best way to add a third-party JS plugins in Sage 10?

After a simple yarn add package , how do you manage the integration of the file ?
Till now i’ve been enqueing scripts in setup.php file but i’m looking for a cleaner way to do it.

I found a way if it can helps others.

In app.js add import "slick-carousel/slick/slick.min"; for example

In app.css if the script has Css dependencies like Slick.js :

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After the import, how do you use slick ?

I try your way but slick is missing :frowning:


Slick slider is actually pretty old library and you need jQuery to work with it.
After import you have to initialize slider

for example:

function someSlider() {

    dots: true,
    infinite: true,
    slidesToShow: 1,
    fade: true,
    cssEase: 'linear',
    arrows: false,
    autoplay: true,



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1/ You do your Html content as described in slick documentation :

<div class="your-class">
  <div>your content</div>
  <div>your content</div>
  <div>your content</div>

You can use a class or an Id, whatever you want.

2/ Then you “activate” slick on that element with Javascript:

  slidesToShow: 4,
  slidesToScroll: 4

… You can add Javascript in app.js file for example.

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If you’re going to use Slick, please consider using this fork that improves accessibility and automatically adds play/pause controls for any autoplaying slider.

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Thanks for the answer. But I know how to use slick.

The problem is that slick is always undefined even after import like in your screenshot :frowning:


Do you see slick package in node_modules/ ? in package.json ?

Yes I added slick in my depedencies : yarn add slick-carousel

And yes the package is in node_modules/ and package.json

This has happened to me before: did the script compile?

Yes the script compile

Just found the solution… I replaced $ by jQuery and it works :slight_smile:

I Thought about it, I tested it but I was not able to reproduce, great then :sunglasses:

Other solution :
Add to bud.config.js

      jquery: ["jQuery", "$"],

You will be able to use $ without calling jQuery.

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