The connection was reset

I’m doing a trellis, bedrock sage setup per the docs.

I can get everything working and my local site will work for a little bit at http://foo.local

But this will drop out all the time, with my browser reporting, connection reset.

I can trigger this on command by running yarn start in my sage theme directory.

I can normally get it back by running vargrant up again. but FYI even while I have an active ssh connection to my vagrant instance I’ll still see the connection reset message.

I’m running osx

Are you able to access the development site from outside of the Browsersync session when that error occurs?

Hey sorry I figured this out, I had two running vagrant instances on my machine for different sites. Once I halted the other, I stopped having this issue.

If you are running multiple VMs sta the same time, make sure the VMs are using different IPs.


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