The icing on the cake?

I’m not sure if you guys have come across VersionPress yet, but it’s improving more and more over time, and could be the answer for merging databases between dev, staging, live etc rather than the straight overwrite.

Check our their latest post; we’re pretty excited to say the least, as (somehow) combined with Trellis, it could be a pretty slick workflow:

Hi, Borek from VersionPress here.

Just wanted to say that although I’m currently not a user of Roots, I have been watching it from the outside and am generally a big fan of everything that tries to improve the WP dev ecosystem. VP is very young at the moment but when it matures a bit it would be nice to work on smooth integration with Roots’ tools / stack which I believe isn’t so easy today as we for example require the default WP folder structure.

If you have any ideas / suggestions how these two things could work together in the future I’ll be happy to hear them.



Hi Borek

Thanks for stopping by!

I hope that the remainder of dev for VP goes smoothly.

Of course if there’s any way we can integrate into Roots, I think that would be incredible for multi-developer projects. If there’s a will, there’s a way - but I guess patience is key.

Thanks again

Why wouldn’t you be able to support a custom content directory? We use WP’s constants to change it:

BTW, the new VersionPress looks great! Digging the wp-cli integration.

Hi Doug, thanks! And you’re right that patience is all we’re asking for at the moment :slight_smile:

We would, we just don’t yet. (There’s quite a bit of demand for it though so hopefully it will find its way into VersionPress soon.)

Thanks, glad you like the Git + WP-CLI combo, I think it’s pretty cool too :slight_smile:

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