The theme directory "[THEME]/resources" does not exist

Hi guys,

So I am deploying a site to a staging environment so my clients can view before we go live…locally everything has been fine…I follow the documentation to get everything online but I am greeted with a blank page.

I try to log in and that seems to work, I go back to the front page of the website and get the error that is the title of this post:

The theme directory “THEME_NAME/resources” does not exist.

The only difference between that and local is that online it seems to want capitals, so I go ahead and rename the folder on the server to the same thing but uppercase. This seems to fix the problem however this seems to break things being pulled from the /dist/vendor folder inside my theme.

I’m hoping there is a quick fix where I can just change the theme name somewhere it is being incorrectly referred to in capitals?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…


Make sure to update the publicPath key to match your production environment or if this path differs between environment you can use the SAGE_DIST_PATH environment variable when your build for production:

Once you’ve done that, you need to rebuild the theme assets (for production), since the URIs for the linked assets (in stylesheets or scripts) are absolute not relative.


Thanks for your time and your reply.

I have updated it and renamed the folder locally to all caps instead of lower case but now I Have the problem that git doesnt seem to recognise the folder re-name and still pushes with lower case theme folder name…

I know this isnt the right place to ask for git help but…Help!

Use these:

# This removes the files from Git, but keeps the files (unstaged).
$ git rm -r --cached <relative/path/to/your/theme>
# Re-stage the files.
$ git add <relative/path/to/your/theme>
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