Theme Broken


I took over the development of a site on Wordpress which uses Bedrock and a Sage theme. The site posed no problem. Since we performed a migration on Kinsta, the site is no longer going. The theme seems to be problematic. I have this error:

Thèmes endommagés (Broken Theme)

Les thèmes suivants sont installés mais incomplets. (The following themes are installed but incomplete)

Template is missing. Standalone themes need to have a templates/index.html or index.php template file. Child themesneed to have a Template header in the style.css stylesheet.

Thanks for your help

Can you share the complete log or the URL of the site for review? I believe it might be a Trellis configuration issue. Perhaps you are not enabling the option to install Composer.

It’s on the Theme page

Is this a sage 9 theme?

In sage 9, style.css should be in the theme/resources directory. You also need an empty theme/resources/index.php file.

Make sure you have the template header in your style.css


I found a theme/style.css empty. I deleted it and was able to activate the theme. Thanks