Theme Deploys using GitHub for Non-Roots Projects

Think one of my favourite Roots things is deploying theme changes via GitHub and not FTP. Does anyone have a workflow for doing this on non-Roots WP projects?

Such as, or

I used to use tools like these before moving to Trellis. I’d have auto-deploys to staging i.e. as soon as you commit to master, it would deploy to staging. Then deploy to production is just a button press.

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Thanks for those, Deploybot and DeployHQ look the goods.

This is a tangent but oh boy I have subscription fatigue right now. Feel like every single thing I want to do costs another $10-20/month :roll_eyes:

I used Deploybot at my last job and found it worth the price of admission.

All of our clients were on shared hosting of varying repute and quality so Trellis and Bedrock was never an option, but I was always able to properly deploy Sage using Deploybot.

It was quick to setup once I got my head around it and what I liked, in context of a Sage theme, was that I could have the deployment run gulp --production, so I never had to worry about that on my local machine.

Basically any commit to a specified branch on GitHub would trigger a deployment to the connected site.

The 10 repositories could be swapped around between projects so in most cases if I needed a new deployment instance I could just delete an existing one I hadn’t used in a while. Only once did I find myself in a position where I had to bump up to the 20 repositories plan and when I no longer needed it I found it easy to downgrade back to the 10 repo / $15 per month plan.

I’m with you on the subscription fatigue, but I found Deploybot to be a good one to have. Even when not deploying Sage themes, just the ability to have code deployments directly linked to version control was huge.

I did a walkthrough video a while back. It’s old and doesn’t cover compiling assets, but here’s a link if you want to check it out -