Theme development and build issue



Hello team,

Hope you are all well!

I have an issue with the theme build. I have just switch to the new version for a new project. However, I have some trouble with my styles. The problem is that my scss style changes are not applied when I am using yarn run start However, when I run yarn run build everything is fine and compiled. I think I might know why is not working but I am still not sure.

When I run yarn run build the styles are compiled as I said and the styles folder appears in my dist folder but when I run yarn run start the styles folder disappears from the dist folder.!

      "entry": {
        "main": [
        "customizer": [
   "publicPath": "/wp-content/themes/dobrev",
   "devUrl": "",
   "proxyUrl": "https://localhost:3000",
   "cacheBusting": "[name]_[hash:8]",
   "watch": [

This is my config.json file. I tried everything to fix that but without success… :frowning:



This is what I have in the console


Do you have a certificate for your dev setup? If not, the problem could be the https on your devUrl line.

I would also recommend against using .dev for development, as this is now a real TLD and recent browser versions don’t play well with .dev for local resources.

Finally, styles disappearing from dist is intended behavior. Sage 9 uses webpack which compiles and injects styles in memory, and doesn’t save them to disk. Styles aren’t exported to disk until you run yarn build.


Hi, thank you for your reply.

I have reinstalled the sage theme again from scratch following the Docs and your instructions. However, I still have some issues. When I start yarn run start the new page is opened and in the right corner I can see the messages (seems to be working) but it does not apply any scss changes again at all. I have to refresh the page where the changes are watched to be applied. Is that how it should work?


Now it seems like a weird caching issue :smiley:


I see this sometimes but a hard refresh of the page usually kicks things into gear, and after that the styles are injected automatically.

Can you confirm whether that’s happening for you?


Yeah, exactly. I am using Chrome at the moment and I have to hard refresh the opened page after yarn run start (Mac cmd+shift+R) in order to work again. But I think this is a temp fix because it is taking a lot of time to refresh.


Besides if I am not wrong the changes should be applied automatically