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Theme options for custom theme

I am using roots/wordpress 5.8.1. I have a custom premium theme (purchased from themeforest) that I install into app/themes by creating a private gitlab repo, and providing the url to composer.

  1. when I activate the theme, i get “Sorry you cannot access this page” and the url has reference to tgmpa install. I tried adding tgmpa/plugin-activation and that crashed wordpress completely.
  2. How do I access a premium theme’s them options page (not the default wordpress cusstomizer) when installing via bedrock/composer ?
  3. Looks like child themes do not work very well with composer. I tried making a custom child theme out of twentytwelve (for eg.) via vcs/giturl and it crashed. If I copy all the 2012 files into the repo, then it works. (essentially not a child, but a complete replica works). How does one create a child theme with bedrock/composer ?

greatly appreciate any help ! thanks in advance!

Can you please reach out to the product authors for support? Feel free to link them to Bedrock: Compatibility | Roots Documentation

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