Theme PHP performance : sage/template/front-page-data/data Self Duration time high when profiling theme

I am trying to increase the performance of my theme. I setup “tideways” and profiled my homepage.

According to the result: These are my general stats:
Duration : 4.36 s
Memory Change : 27.8 MB

Inside my summary I saw sage/template/front-page-data/data (event taking a lot of time.)

This is sorted by self duration.

The self duration of sage/template/front-page-data/data is 1.71s which is 39% of the total time. How does this event sage/template/front-page-data/data work. Is it something that I must have added due to which this is taking so much of time ?

This is the filter that Sage uses to pass data to your view. If it’s taking a long time, my guess would be that it’s because you’re running slow code to generate the data you pass to your view.

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