TinyMCE language plugin not found on Apache

I have 2+ Bedrock installations that run on an Apache (shared) hosting. When I edit a page in Wordpress, there is an error message shown above TinyMCE: “Failed to load plugin url: http://domain.com/wp/wp-includes/js/tinymce/langs/de.js”. This happens after installing and activating german language.

I’ve checked, Wordpress admin really makes that HTTP request, which returns a 404 error, as there is no such file on the server.

These Apache sites are deployed instances. Locally they run on Nginx inside Trellis. And I have no error messages on these development machines. The HTTP request is not being made.

How come Bedrock Wordpress sends this additional HTTP request on Apache servers?

Additional facts:

  • This happens on all Bedrock installations I currently have
  • The problem persists, if I switch to twentyfifteen theme
  • The problem persists, if I disable all plugins
  • The original Wordpress doesn’t make this request (on same server as the Bedrock projects)

Here’s the solution:

TinyMCE only displays this error, when it has a relative path instead of an absolute path to the site.

I used a relative path for WP_SITEURL in my staging .env file (an error that propagated from my deployment process).

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