Transferring plugin settings and page builder customizations to staging and production environments

Hi all,

I’ve installed several plugins and customized a theme with a page builder (Elementor) in the the dev environment. I would like to transfer my plugin settings and the theme customizations to the staging and production environment.

Is this possible? If yes, how?

Those things are probably stored in the database. I don’t believe Trellis includes anything for automated database transfer because reconciling WordPress databases automatically is a hairy problem that AFAIK has not been solved. Generally your options are:

  • Manually copy-and-paste over any changes
  • Push your entire database, overwriting whatever database exists on the remote server
  • Manually resolve database differences in the database itself (which sounds like a nightmare)

I use WP DB Migrate Pro, which is a great plugin, but keep in mind that it is overwriting your databases, not combining them.

Thanks for the quick response!

OK. I’ll try with these options then.

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