Transferring sage theme from local development environment to a live server

Hello. Can someone tell me what important files & folder do I need to compress to transfer it to a live server if I am working on my local system and transferring it to a production/live server? Because I can see that there is lots of files & folders in the sage theme (i.e, node_modules, ~, etc). I am not talking about using the yarn run build:production command BTW. Thank you for the help in advance. Thanks!

The easy way: everything except node_modules. You Composer dependencies β€” i.e. vendor β€” is important to include, so make sure you’ve run composer install --no-dev before you go live.

For the bare minimum required files:

Thank you so much for your help. Can you share that bash script? The yarn prep one?

I did, it’s just hidden. In the linked post, click the caret to reveal it.

For the sake of making things a bit easier, I chucked all of that into a repo with some instructions:


Oh thank you so much. That really helped best of luck :slight_smile:

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