Translations in Sage 10 / Acorn in custom package

Hi there,

i created a package for my Sage10 based theme, that is being loaded via composer from a directory path. That works very fine. The only thing that caused me headaches is, that I’m not able to get translations to work.

Although I translated all my strings, no string is being rendered in the language of my choice (and the chosen language of Wordpress) in the Wordpress Administration…
I followed the typical Wordpress guides, and adapted the logic from sage9 to sage10 (including the shell command for creating the po/mo files) whenever needed, and I can see that the load_theme_textdomain function is correctly loading my translation (using query-monitor). I also did some xdebug sessions… However I dont get the reason and my translations dont work at all…

Do i have to follow the Laravel translation practices? And if so, do I get it right, that this wouldnt work “out of the box” with Acorn?

Has anyone done this with sage and guide me a bit?

Thanks in advance.


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