Trellis Adds Let's Encrypt Integration

Amazing…Thank you, Scott!

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Amazing! :slight_smile:

Now a question everyone knew it will come… Is it going to work on a multisite and how can we use domain mapping with it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (maybe domain mapping puts domain name to json file, let’s encrypt uses json to create certificates?) Sorry about the ramblings of a madman :wink: for president! Thanks for yet another great feature!


Scott and Phil: YOU ARE AWESOME!


See it in action on the Roots Example Project (GitHub repo):

A+ on the SSL Labs test:


Trellis adds every site_hosts to the certificate. So I assume if you were using domain mapping you’d already have the hosts set in there?


The moment we’ve all been waiting for. SSL this easy? Definitely a new era. Roots continues to innovate and move the WP community forward. Thanks so much!


This looks amazing!

Any tips on the right workflow to update my current Trellis ( and Bedrock/Sage ) install? I’m thinking overwriting the files is probably not the way to go. How would i update the /trellis folder with the ‘trellis/master’?

Amazing work guys! We’ve been pushing all our clients to get behind SSLs and this just makes it that much easier!!

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There’s some existing topics on this such as Best practices to update Trellis

Was just talking with @merchantguru about how LetsEncrypt was coming to Trellis last night at the WP SEA Developer’s Meetup and here it is!

Thanks Scott, Phil and crew for implementing this - it’s amazing and will really help in securing customer and staging sites. Can’t wait to try it out.


So happy this came out today. I was just considering updating the stack of one of my older Wordpress sites this week, then thought “damn then I’ll have to redo the SSL config” which was almost a deal breaker (probably out of laziness).

So with this update, does it require any custom NGINX configuration? Or is it entirely automated from the yml file?

Big up to Scott and Phil, and the rest of the Roots team. You guys kill it. Looking forward to Let’s Encrypt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Guys this is ridiculously awesome. Thanks so much!

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It’s all automated as mentioned many times :slightly_smiling:

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I just couldn’t believe my ears :slight_smile:

This is truly awesome!
Quick question, if you’re not using Trellis for the actual deployments, could you add the ssl provider variable to your .env file or is that not gonna work?

We strongly encourage everyone to use letsencrypt and turn SSL on. In the near future we will be making SSL via Let’s Encrypt the default in Trellis.

Does this mean that you’ll be removing the manual option and won’t officially support other 3rd party certificates which aren’t self signed or provided by letsencrypt?

Nope, manual will always be supported

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If you’re using Trellis for provisioning then you’ll be covered. Your env vars just need to make sure they’re using https in the URLs.