Trellis and Bedrock in project repo


Is it possible to keep both Trellis and Bedrock in the project repo? The purpose would to keep the vagrant file and deployment settings in the case that you return to the project 2-3 years later and be able to spin up and fix whatever that needs to be fixed. I still have some projects from the “good old” Capistrano deployment times, which is not that long ago at all. My point is that this project progresses quite much during a year, and it would be nice to know that stuff will be compatible with each other.

I guess there will be a problem with deployment if you keep Trellis and Bedrock in the same repo as it expect certain paths, no?

How do you guys do it? A separate repo for the Trellis setup and Bedrock stuff? has Bedrock and Trellis in the project repo.


Yes it’s possible, this is how I have my projects set up.

Have you seen the roots-example-project?

By setting a subtree path Trellis knows which folder to use for Bedrock


I’m not sure but i think you’re looking for something like this?

It’s one repo containing all Roots goodies.


Ah! There we go! I was looking all over, and searching through the discourse. Should just moved forward and I would’ve found the var in the production yml.

@ben Maybe it would be a good idea to either mention this in the Trellis docs (and by docs I mean the git page) or in the example project?


It is mentioned under Installation: