Trellis and Local by Flywheel workflow

As you know Local by Flywheel is now “free” and i think its a great tool to easily create local wordpress instance.
Before using Trellis, i would like to know if it could be possible to create a bash script with some WP CLI command to deploy a new trellis project locally using the desktop app “Local By Flywheel

Some discussion about git workflow with Local by Flywheel :

When you create a project in local by flywheel dashboard, you can “right click” and “open site SSH” to execute some terminal commands… So i think it could be awesome to have a “Trellis” WP CLI command to create a project from Local by Flywheel. Checkout all the features you get by installing this software (virtual box, docker, nginx, etc…).
Do you think its possible to get such a script? (sorry for my english, i’m french :wink:

Flywheel Local would be a Trellis replacement, you wouldn’t use Trellis in combination with Flywheel Local.

Hi Ben,
That makes sense :wink:
Is there a .sh script i can grab somewhere to run on my local machine that clone, install and setTrellis, Composer and Sage to get started quickly (maybe with some WP CLI commands) ?

Unfortunately not at this time

I tought so :hugs:

Local is a great tool that just gets better and better. BUT, the next release with deployment functionality will most likely only support deployment to Flywheel.

I would really like to see a “pressmatic / local / serverpress” version crammed with trellis and bedrock from you roots guys.

I would easily pay a monthly fee for it.

If you spent the time to do this I’m sure many people on the forum would be eternally grateful.

I have a small scripts set up to ‘install roots’ which sets up the full stack including the latest master branch of Sage, it also utilises a simple sed function to replace all instances to the domain name I want to be working on.

I’ll keep developing it and hopefully get it to a point of sharing before someone beats me too it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Local by flywheel has blueprint functionality to copy a local website.
To deploy i use “git ftp” which is really great, and free!

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HOw far have you come with the sh script for provisioning a trellis stack, getting closer to sharing? =)

So I’m using Local by Flywheel, Sage, and Bedrock.

  1. Set up Local with Bedrock following this tutorial (make sure to name your Local site instead of the default site.local or you will run into a compiling issue with Yarn.)

  2. Follow the installation guide for Sage

Save the Local site as a Blueprint to reuse.

No one should be using .dev at this point. I’m locking this almost year old thread…