Trellis/Bedrock/Sage goodies? (Tutorials, tweaks etc)


I’m sure there’s tons of us out there who tweak all of the Roots projects to our own needs/liking. I’m also sure a lot of those tweaks would be cool/fun/useful for other people to know and learn about. Wouldn’t it be nice with some form of place for material like that, accessible for everyone? Or should it maybe be put into the forums directly?

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a long time but not really found any natural spot for on the forums etc. Mostly it is just stock ansible/gulp stuff and similar, but my impression is that people know about those tools through the various Roots projects, and perhaps generally not so much independently of Roots.

A few examples of tweaks I have in my forks that other people might be interested in:

  • automatic icon font generation from SVGs in Sage
  • automatic nightly rsync backups to remote on all sites in staging/production in Trellis

These are just minor and not very advanced things, but I’m absolutely sure other people out there have very cool tweaks that I personally would love to read about and implement.

Is anyone else but me interested in this kind of thing, and if so, how would it be done the most efficiently?


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Hey! Normally people just tag their post as example - that’s why it’s there. The best thing (IMHO) for people to do is to write a descriptive title, tag with example and write a well thought out description, so that it can be captured by search.

For example, say I’m coming to the site and searching “SVG icon font generation” - your post should come right up, and provide me all the information that it can on that subject, or link to a blog post or gist or something.

Hope that makes sense - and glad you want to contribute!

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Hi @meeko – I want to second @JulienMelissas in saying “glad you want to contribute” and am looking forward to your examples!

I think that Webpack still is very new to a lot of people (including me, although I’ve been working with projects making use of it for more than 1,5 years now), and while I applaud Sage 9 to adopt it and go bleeding edge with Webpack 2, some examples on how to expand the default webpack config in Sage 9 would be extremely benefiting to a lot of us.

I’m currently looking into integrating the scrollmagic and GSAP libraries and was struggling for quite a while, but I think that I finally got it to work. I will be glad to post an example on how to correctly alias some of the related libraries/plugins as soon as I’m done.