Trellis-cli v1.3.0 released

trellis-cli v1.3.0 has been released

  • Add a per-project CLI config file (.trellis/cli.yml) #227
  • Add open command #228
  • Add --verbose option for Ansible commands #231
  • Add --force option to init #232
  • Improve spinner output (better for non-TTY contexts like CI platforms) #233
  • Add key generate command to help set up continuous deployments #235

Full Changelog: Comparing v1.2.2...v1.3.0 · roots/trellis-cli · GitHub

Additional notes:

  • So far the new project config file in .trellis/cli.yml is only used for the new open shortcut feature. Over time we’ll be adding more features to the config file.
  • trellis key generate is really powerful and automates a lot of work that used to be done manually to setup GitHub properly for deploys. It takes advantage of Trellis’ new public_keys feature too (in latest Trellis release)