Trellis CLI's new config file [poll]

Hey everyone, I’m looking to get opinions on the new Trellis CLI config file.

Currently there’s a single support file: .trellis/cli.yml. This isn’t ideal because the .trellis folder is otherwise meant for CLI generated files that are machine specific and should be Git ignored. While we can exclude that CLI config path, it’s better to separate these in the long run.

That means we need a new config filename. Please vote in the poll below. Couple of notes:

  • please vote and comment with why you prefer a file if you want
  • this poll is to gather feedback, the results aren’t binding :smile:
  • it’s single choice, so comment if you want to specify a voting order beyond your 1st place
  • not the leading . in some options
  • .trellis.cli.yml
  • trellis.cli.yml
  • .cli.yml
  • cli.yml
  • .trellis.yml
  • trellis.yml

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Voted for: trellis.cli.yml without a dot (.) at the beginning of filename, as the Trellis CLI settings should actually go into the repository (and not ignored (and possible generated) like e.g. .env for Bedrock sites).

.cli. in the middle of filename because this separates the CLI-specific config from a Trellis-specific config (possible in the future).
And one does not necessarily use the Trellis CLI, Trellis can still be used just with Ansible (and manually managed dependencies).


Fan of trellis.yml. could be keyed under cli to address @strarsis’ point.

I think it’s nice when tools support the ./config/ convention; it might be nice if trellis looked for the config file there in addition to root or pwd.

I would have expected .trellis-cli.y(a)ml but .trellis.cli.yml makes sense

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