Trellis Deploy Process for Sage10

I have been working on a new project using the dev version of sage 10 (I haven’t used sage 9, all my projects are based on sage 8). It’s a big change from the last version of sage I used, vendors folder, blade templates, etc. Wondering what the new trellis build process will be? I’d like to start working it into my dev cycle so I copy the correct files & folders, etc.

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So far as I know there won’t be any changes to the Trellis deploy process for Sage 10. Currently Trellis ships with a set of (commented) tasks to build theme assets and dependencies, which can be found here: Internally to Sage what happens behind, say, yarn build:production may change with Sage 10, but all Trellis has to do is fire that command; it won’t really care what Sage does with it so long as the results end up in the dist folder. Trellis is, by design, not coupled to Sage.

Does there not need to be a composer install run in the theme folder or a reset of the storage folder? I guess more generally wondering if there was going to be a doc on how best to couple sage 10 and trellis.

It’s pretty much identical to Sage 9.

For a while I was running into a problem on deploy where the storage/framework/cache directory wouldn’t be cleared (Sage 10 runs a script on composer install / composer update to all the blade/package caches), but that seems to be resolved now.

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