Trellis dev box not reachable, not provisionable

Hi there,

My fresh trellis dev box is running (I can connect with trellis ssh development) and provisioned (checked via ssh). But i can’t access the site in the browser via the configured canonical from the group_var file - i get a connection refused in my browser. I can ping the box with the canonical name - according to the /etc/hosts entry it translates the request to

Now i realized, that the trellis default configuration for the dev box is without ssl, so chrome constantly redirects to https, that’s why it doesn’t work. So finally after hours i realized, yeah, the box is reachable.

Now i changed some configurations options, like the admin user, the admin password (including vault), perhaps also enable the ssl configuration of the dev box.

But I can’t reprovison the dev box with trellis provision development. I get this:

Starting galaxy role install process
- composer (1.9.0) is already installed, skipping.
- ntp (2.3.1) is already installed, skipping.
- logrotate (v0.0.5) is already installed, skipping.
- swapfile (v2.0.36) is already installed, skipping.
- geerlingguy.mailhog (2.3.0) is already installed, skipping.

Running command => ansible-playbook dev.yml -e env=development --inventory-file .vagrant/provisioners/ansible/inventory/vagrant_ansible_inventory

PLAY [WordPress Server: Install LEMP Stack with PHP and MariaDB MySQL] *********

TASK [Gathering Facts] *********************************************************
[WARNING]: Unhandled error in Python interpreter discovery for host default:
Failed to connect to the host via ssh: ssh: connect to host port
2200: Connection refused
fatal: [default]: UNREACHABLE! => {"changed": false, "msg": "Data could not be sent to remote host \"\". Make sure this host can be reached over ssh: ssh: connect to host port 2200: Connection refused\r\n", "unreachable": true}

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************
default                    : ok=0    changed=0    unreachable=1    failed=0    skipped=0    rescued=0    ignored=0

exit status 4

Any help with this is much appreciated

Does trellis ssh development still work? You can also try running vagrant ssh. If either of those work, but trellis provision development does not, then it’s a difference in SSH connection options.

If those do work, you can try clearing out existing IP/domain entries from your ~/.ssh/known_hosts file. Also give vagrant reload a shot to reload the VM.