Trellis - Digital Ocean Plan


I’m going to be using Sage, Bedrock, Trellis with Digital Ocean as my host for the next site I’m working on and I’m wondering if the $5 / mo plan would be suitable? I’m not trying to be cheap haha but I’m doing this site for a friend and I want to cut down on their costs if possible.

The site is just going to be a basic small business site, nothing too fancy and I can’t imagine a huge amount of traffic will hit the site.

For reference here’s the price list:

Thanks in advance.

$5/mo one is totally fine. Just turn on nginx caching.

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Nginx caching will make it a breeze, but it’s not entirely necessary on a basic, small to medium traffic site.

You can also easily resize your DO droplet up in a non-destructive way. Resizing down usually requires the box to be destroyed.

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Thank you @austin & @Foxaii for the replies, that’s good to know.

Should I still bother using a caching plugin such as wp super cache? Or perhaps something like Varnish? What would you consider to be best practice?

In this case, just use the built in FastCGI caching:


Thanks, Ben! :slight_smile: