Trellis + DO Spaces Object Storage

I’d like to explore DigitaOcean’s “Spaces Object Storage” for image-heavy WordPress projects. Could ya’ll share some thoughts about:

  1. (has this worked well for any Trellis users, etc), and/or viable alternatives (other plugins, “native” Trellis/ansible/etc configs, and so on)

  2. Whether the above (or similar) is known to play nicely in local/dev Trellis as well as remote environments (given that it is apparently rewriting paths)

I’ve looked briefly at, but if I’m reading the config correctly (and I may not, noob, sorry), it seems that this is not directly usable for the DO product I’m exploring. Any reason I should be going this route instead?

Block storage is very different from Spaces. They’re alternatives basically.

I can’t speak to that plugin, but assuming it does what it claims to, it should work fine with Trellis. There’s a lot of established Amazon S3 upload plugins as well which may work here. DO’s Spaces claims to have a compatible API with S3 so maybe those S3 plugins would mostly work.

Most all of the AWS S3 compatible plugins I’ve tried also work with s3 generic.

Pathing in dev/stage/prod is generally a non-issue as code in dev is being executed in a VM set up to be as close to 1:1 as possible with the remote servers.

I’m the author of Media Cloud plugin for WordPress that supports DO (as well as S3, Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi, etc) for media uploads/syncing. Also integrates with Imgix.


love your plugin, @Jon. thanks for the contribution!

My first opportunity to attempt DO SOS integration with WordPress will be this coming weekend, so I’ll share my experiences here when done.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any additional advice (and/or warnings) to share, please brain dump here.

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